Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

See the list of questions which is been tackled by our team, we tried our best to answer any incoming question from your end, even if any left by chance, please call or write us, we must answer your question.

Q. Is body massage good for health?

Yes, body massage has incredible health benefits; taking regular body massage will increase blood circulation, relax the muscle, release stiffness etc. If you choose a regular massage, it will glow your skin also it will enhance your fitness.

Q. Will body massage reduce weight?

Few massage therapies, i.e. Thai Massage, Aromatherapy, Abdominal Massage and Lymphatic Massage, are significantly contributing to weight loss. Every massage therapy has its health benefit that leads to some extent of weight loss. So, yes, we can say massage has benefits which contribute to making you sleek and beautiful.

Q. Will body massage cause miscarriage?

There is a specific Massage called “Pregnancy Massage” which is done by a professional & trained therapist; therefore, you must take care while you are selecting a masseuse for you during the pregnancy.

Body Massage is beneficial during pregnancy at the same time it is risky too, because choosing an inexperienced and masseuse may fall you into trouble.

Q. Which body massage is good for health?

Every therapy has its own set of health benefits; it depends upon the objective of the receiver. Let us say, if you feel tired by doing work out, you must take a Deep Tissue Massage which reinstates and soothe your muscle stiffness and help you feel better.

Q. What is full body massage?

Full Body Massage includes rubbing, pushing, kneading, pulling, pinching all your body parts excluding Private Parts. Full Body Massage can be every massage therapy, i.e. Balinese, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Lomi Lomi, Sports Massage etc.

Q. What is aromatherapy body massage?

Aromatherapy Massage is done by rubbing essential Ayurvedic oil on your body, which becomes a blend of herbal flower, stem, and root. As the name suggests, oil used in this therapy is of Aromatic in nature, and it has herbal health benefits as well.

Q. Can body massage help in weight gain?

Few therapies have wait-loss property instead of weight gain, but few systematic treatments can help you to improve the uneven distribution of wait on your body.

Q. Can massage reduce cellulite?

Yes, massage can reduce cellulite by improving lymphatic drainage; it also stretches out cellulite dimples which help to tighten your loose skin.

Q. Can body massage be done daily?

There is no harm in taking body massage session every day; even you can go ahead twice or thrice a day, it is all up to you. Few massage therapies are intense, e.g. Deep Tissue, Shiatsu etc. might cause you a bit post-session irritation due to micro-tears in your tissues.

Q. Can body massage increase blood pressure?

There is no evidence found in studies that Body Massage causes high blood pressure; it reduces it.

Q. What is Body to Body Massage? Do you also provide that?

Body to body massage is an excellent form of sensual massage, which doesn’t include any sexual activity; it pleases you along with unique health benefits.

Yes, we do provide body to body massage in Delhi at our centre.

Q. What are the top body massage benefits?

We shall describe top 10 proven benefits of body massage which are 1. pain relief 2. stress relief 3. increase circulation 4. boost immunity 5. improves posture and flexibility 6.lower blood pressure 7. relaxes muscle and mind 8. drain body toxins 9. regulated blood sugar 10. tone and bright skin

Q. Can I do body massage at home my own?

Many body massage machines are invented in recent days which are helping the human body to get relaxed, which some fixed pattern and movements. But the difference between a device or by an expert will be huge; therefore, it is recommended to go ahead and find a right massage expert for you.

Q. Does body massage help to relax?

The primary quality of body massage to make you feel completely relaxed after a session, not only that you’ll feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a massage session.

Q. Can I go for a body massage session just after delivery?

This massage therapy is called ‘postpartum massage’. One could go ahead for Body Massage as soon as she is back from the hospital (usually five days) if the delivery was done “Normal”. If it was C-section, then one should wait until the wound are completely healed-it might take 10 to 15 days.

Q. Is it okay to go for a massage session during pregnancy?

Massage during pregnancy is called Prenatal Massage; it is amazingly beneficial if taken care by expert hands. It reduces stress, anxiety, joint pain and also it improves labour outcome for the newborn baby.

Q. How much a body massage session cost in Delhi?

Spa in Delhi Price depends upon which therapy you are taking; there is a wide range of pricing available from spa to spa in Delhi. We can share the pricing of B2b Spa.

Q. How to do body massage to a baby?

This subject is out of our expertise therefore kindly visit a website click here

Q. Can body massage lower blood pressure?

Yes, it is proven that regular body massage sessions can help to reduce blood pressure.

Q. Can body massage cause HIV?

No, HIV is nothing to do with a body massage.

Q. Body massage induce or prevent labour pain?

Prenatal Massage improves labour outcome by reducing anxiety, stress and body pain; therefore, it might smooth delivery procedure.

Q. What Massage Combination of Body Massage Do you Have I mean 'Female to Male' or 'Male to Female'?

We’ve staff combination for our clients, including Female to Male Massage, Male to Female Massage, Female to Female Massage and Male to Male Massage. It entirely depends upon the preference of an individual.