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We came up with first of its kind body to body massage in Delhi, it is a form of sensual massage, which is performed by highly experienced therapists. In today’s busy schedule most of us experiencing some physical, mental or emotional issues in our body but you can definitely regain your well-being by getting body to body massage.

What exactly is body to body massage?

u00a0As mentioned above body to body massage is erotic massage which includes full massage by rubbing each others body gently. In this process every part of body get stimulated unlike other kind ofu00a0massages where genitals and breasts are away, body to body lead complete carousel by touching each others’ private parts as well. It’s very important to understand that B2B massage doesn’t involve sexual intercourse at all, whereas orgasm and ejaculation could be done to get total relaxation.

Benefits of Body to Body Massage

  1. Enhance Blood Circulation: Body to Body massage helps to get proper blood circulation of body, flow of blood increases and some physical issues i.e. erectile dysfunction or absence of orgasm can be managed by taking b2b regularly without any medical treatment.
  2. Increase Sleep Quality: Many people are suffering from insomnia due to high pressure in offers, school or college and irregular lifestyle. Achieving orgasm by body to body massage helps you to get relaxed. Since erotic massageu00a0reaches to the body, mind and should which results into isolation from physical world therefore allowing you to achieve total relaxation.

Other than above B2Bu00a0massage (Scroll down for Demonstration Video)u00a0helps you to improve sexual and intimacy life as well as boost your confidence. u00a0



TherapyDurationList PriceOffer Price
Body to Body Massage60 MinsRs. 3000Rs. 2000
Sandwich Massage90 MinsRs. 10000Rs. 6000
Balinese Massage60 MinsRs. 2200Rs. 1500
Deep Tissue Massage60 MinsRs. 2200Rs. 1500
Swedish Massage60 MinsRs. 2200Rs. 1500
Chocolate Massage60 MinsRs. 2500Rs.u00a01800
Thai Massage60 MinsRs. 2000Rs. 1500
Aroma Therapy60 MinsRs. 2200Rs. 1500
Couple Massage60 MinsRs. 3000Rs. 2500



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Note: Please do not call other than these time slots, we shall not be able to respond. If you want, you can request an appointment, we’ll get back you ASAP.u00a0

Our Services


Body to Body Massage

We offer wide range of Body massage services along with body to body massage services in Delhi at multiple places, please call us now to book a session !u00a0


Full Body Massage

Full body massage therapy from your favorite massage therapists, you can choose from Balinese, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy & Lomi Lomi etc.u00a0


Trigger Point Massage

Trigger point massage as mentioned in name, it is focused on specific parts of body. This is not full body massage but therapist pinpoint the problem area of client and coaxes it with deep pressure for relax.u00a0


Foot Reflexologyu00a0

The gentle touch of experienced therapist with love and care can relax your feet and feel you refreshed. Foot reflexology is a technique to massage foot at multiple point to remove pain. You can book foot reflexology session with us now !

Meet Our Staff (Therapists)

body massage therapist

Body to Body Massage in Delhi

body to body massage

Body to body massage in Delhi is trending today, most of us are looking for cross gender sensual massage but reaching to trusted center is a big task to achieve. There are multiple spas in Delhi available today, who claim to be registered but they are not. We provide you private & the safest place to pass quality time with your favorite female therapist.

We are expertise in Body to Body Massage therapy, which is not at all sexual activity, but it is a pure therapy to release fatigue and increase blood circulation in the body. It has massage has multiple qualities to rejuvenate and uplift your mood. Above all there some very good results you’ll find if you get regular massage from good spa center, which are given below-

Relaxation: If you feel tired, book a massage session it’ll help you to get relaxed; surely ! Massage is always a good for body and helps to increase oxygen supply and other nutrients to the muscles. It also helps to relieve pain by healing damaged tissues.

Reduce Stress: Stress and massage are enemy of each other, if you take massage regularly it will help you to remove stress and boost confidence. If you think you need body massage now you can book massage session with B2B.

Body to Body Massage (Sample Demonstration Video)


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Our Happy Customers (Testimonials)


Rohit Sharma

They have high quality therapist, serves nicely. Very good ambiance 5 our 5 stars from me!u00a0


John Andrew

I came all the way from USA. I was hesitant & worried to book a massage therapy in Delhi but the way B2B guys talk is incredible, they are really customer focused people.u00a0


Senthil Kumar

It was first time visited Delhi from Coimbatore, took massage in B2B, they are really best in class. Highly recommended !


Mathew Parera

I am writing this testimonial to aware you not wasting time & Money at other place. If you are visiting or residing in Delhi and seeking Body Massage in Delhi, there might not be best option than b2b spa, Green Park branch.

I visited and taken massage session in mid of May while on a business tour to Delhi, after that this is one of my favorite place and will try to visit time and again. Iu2019ll give 10 points to ambience, staff & hygiene. Also 9 points to price because price is a-bit higher in compare to other providers in same industry, this is because b2b spa maintains high degree of professionalism.

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