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Full Body Massage in Delhi

Body to Body Massage in Delhi is the most popular and trending body massage therapy. To avail a refreshing & rejuvenating session of Spa in Delhi at our place, kindly use the following information.

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An Amazing Spa in Delhi with Extra Services, I am happy that I found B2b Spa and now I am a frequent visitor there 🙂
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Welcome to Body to Body Spa in Delhi.

Body to Body Spa in Delhi is being searched online by thousands of people every day. Most people are looking for a female to male body massage in Delhi or vice versa.

B2b Spa is a leading spa in South Delhi which offers fully private and secure massage by a trained expert and good looking therapist.

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A high-rated & fully secured Massage Parlour in Delhi complies with all privacy policy related rules to ensure your privacy, starting from booking an appointment to end the session. Also, we never give you a call or message you for marketing purpose.

The list of trending massages is given below to help you to understand and decide which one is most suitable to you. Even then if you feel and complication in understanding or having any doubt, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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Explore our Services

Explore our services below, choose from the most suitable to your body condition, if you have any issue in understanding well, give us a call on above-mentioned mobile number.


Full Body Massage

Full Body Massage is a kind of massage which covers rubbing of the complete body from head to toe. It has an excellent property of making you feel refreshed and rejuvenated. It is done using herbal oil or dry as per the preference. We shall recommend you if you are feeling tired and having stress in your life.


Body to Body Massage

Body to Body Massage has excellent health benefits, including relief in mental stress, improve blood circulation, help in erectile dysfunction in men, and many more. Along with the above benefits, it feels too good during the massage with an expert massage therapist. There are many more benefits to the therapy, you might like it so much.


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a high-pressure professional massage which helps your body to get out of fatigue. It is also a form of sports massage which releases all kind of stiffness out of your body. You are recommended Deep Tissue Massage if you do the same work in the same position for an extended period.


Balinese Massage

Balinese Massage is a full body massage therapy which combines stretching, acupressure, reflexology, and kneading of various parts of your body by applying medium pressure, unlike the Deep Tissue Massage. Balinese massage is excellent for the first-timer, who have not experienced massage before.


Swedish Massage

As the name suggests, Swedish Massage has originated in Sweden, which includes circular strokes on the body using finger and palm, applying very balanced pressure. Which results in high relief to the body also it feels terrific during the session. If completely rejuvenate your body and soul. To avail the Swedish Massage.


Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is a typical aromatic massage which includes rubbing a herbal and scented oil on the complete body. The quality of the massage depends upon the oil is being used; it needs to be pure and extracted from herbal seed, stem, and root.
It satisfies drought of all your cells in your body.


Thai Massage

Thai Massage doesn’t include oil or get; it happens completely dry. It is blended with Yoga and Massage altogether. This massage involves more pulling, flipping, and stretching. Thai Massage is suitable for those who don’t want to do a tiring workout at the same time want to be fit. Thai Massage done by Thai staff who has great expertise in the field.


Lomilomi Massage

LomiLomi also known as Hawaiian massage, it hails from Hawaii – a state in The United States of America. The meaning word LomiLomi is actually “Massage Therapist” in the Hawaiian language. Lomi also stands for the activity e.g., Rub, Soothe, or Knead. Therefore it is an excellent massage for everyone.


Couple Massage

We are specialized in couple massage, therefore, providing all sort of pampering and massage services to couples. We have dedicated couple rooms with world-class ambiance and high-end branded products. The couple can choose favourite staff for them as per their choice either a male or female. Most loved couple massage therapy.

Introduction to Body Massage in Delhi

We came up with the first of its kind Body to Body Massage in Delhi, and it is a form of sensual massage, which is performed by the highly experienced therapist. In today’s busy schedule, most of us are experiencing some physical, mental, or emotional issues in our body, but you can regain your well-being by getting the body massage. Our spa in Delhi with extra services provide you all satisfying services for the clients.

How B2b Massage is done?

As mentioned above the body to body massage is an erotic massage which includes full body massage by rubbing each others’ body gently. In this process every part of the body get stimulated, unlike other kinds of massage where genitals and breasts are away, body to body massage leads to complete carousel by touching each others’ body parts including all.

It is essential to understand that Body to Body Massage doesn’t involve sexual intercourse at all, whereas orgasm and ejaculation could be done to get total relaxation.

Why us?

B2b Spa is the oldest massage parlour in Delhi. Which provides world-class spa experience with all amenities. Steam bath, Shower, Jacuzzi etc.

Our staff is fully trained and well-behaved, one can see them before going ahead for the session.

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Proven Benefits of Body Massage!

Massage is always a healthy practice to include in your routine, let us understand few benefits of body massage.

Next Level Flexibility

Healthy body is alway flexible enough to move, massage is the second best way to stay flexible after workout. Most recommended body massage therapies are Thai Massage, Deep Tissue Massage and Balinese Massage to boost your flexibility. These massage therapies tackle your inner tissue and release all tension thru the high pressure strokes and kneading.

Let your Blood Flow

Body Massage helps to get proper blood circulation of the body. If full-body massage taken regularly, the flow of blood increase; therefore, it improves many physical as well as emotional issues. Massage not only heals you physically, but it also gives you mental support. It gives you the feeling of well-being and enhance the productivity throughout the day along with staying happy all time.

Sound Sleep

Many people have insomnia due to high pressure in offices, schools, colleges, and irregular lifestyle. Body Massage gives you total relaxation, which results in a sound sleep. Above results of body massage have been verified by The American Health Care Association (AHCA).

Kill Stress

Today, stress is affecting human life so severely, and it has dominated to the extent that many people are badly in the trap of depression. Which resulted in one of the biggest problems of the country.  Massage therapy is a proven technique to keep you away from all cause of stress and depression.

Price List

Spa in Delhi Price List, Select The Most Suitable Massage Therapy for You from Followng Therapies.

Meet our Staff (Few Intro Only)

Sofia, North East Staff

She is a great therapist and knows her job very well; she is an expert of Balinese, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, Full Body Massage, and many more.

image of our staff mili

Mili, North Indian Staff

She has more than three years of experience in massage, and she worked in many reputed spas in Delhi NCR; therefore, she knows her job well.

image of our punjabi staff reema

Reema, Punjabi Staff

She is the most demanding North Indian staff of our spa, and she understands every massage and customer requirements well. She receives excellent feedback from the customer.

image of our russian staff shasha

Sasha, Russian Staff

She is an expert in all professional therapies, including Balinese, Deep Tissue, Aromatherapy, and LomiLomi. She is also the most demanding staff at our place in Delhi.


Customers reviews

I found B2b Spa by searching in Google 'spa near me with extra service', there were many results, but B2b Spa has grabbed my attention by the presentation. I am so happy to avail their services at the spa in Green Park, Delhi.
testimonial image of Adam Sendler A Traveler From USA
Adam Sendler
A Traveler From USA
I am a sports lady, keep moving all around the world wherever I go I need a good quality of Body Massage, after exploring a lot of spas, I shortlisted B2B Spa Green Park, it was excellent experience there.
testimonial image of Mila Kunis Player from Russia
Mila Kunis
Player from Russia
I love to the job done by one therapist name Leena, and she was amazing lady also understands customers' expectation well. I highly recommend B2b Spa in Green Park for the pleasing experience.
testimonial image of Chandraprakash A South Indian Citizen
A South Indian Citizen

Frequently Asked Questions

We have answered most of the FAQs here, please go thru all of them. If you’ve got any query other than mentioned here, please contact.

What is Full Body Massage?

Full Body Massage is a therapeutic treatment by professional messieurs to attain the great benefits of massage to entire body. It is done by applying oil/gel (sometimes dry) on whole of body except private parts, to relax your muscles and mobilise all joints of the body.

What are the benefits of Full Body Massage?

There are many benefits of Full Body Massage including Reduce Stress, Improve Circulation, Reduce Pain, Eliminate Toxins,  Improve Flexibility, Improve Sleep,  Enhance Immunity,  Reduce Fatigue and many more..

Do you provide body massage in Delhi at home?

No, we don’t have outcall facility for the customer, you need to come to our spa located in Green Park, South Delhi. We are very connected to all means of transports, including metro, DTC, etc.

Do you have body to body massage at your massage parlour in Delhi?

Yes, please check service detail here